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April 11, 2014

Coming soon -- CTWR 431: Super-heroic Screenwriting from Comic Panel to the Screen

Guys that Fly, Girls that Fight, Masterminds & Spiderbites

By Michael Lane

CTWR 431 - Guys that Fly, Girls that Fight, Masterminds & Spiderbites: Super-heroic Screenwriting from Comic Panel to the Screen 

Tuesdays, 7:00pm-10:00pm, section # 19443R


Batman, Iron Man, Hell Boy, The Rocketeer, Kick Ass, Dick Tracy, Watchman, X-Men, The Flash, and many more have been translated into motion pictures, television shows, and video games.  The popularity of comic book heroes is at an all time zenith.  Writers are creating stories and characters intended for films and television in graphic novels first.  We will follow the super hero's journey from illustrated panels to film, television, and video games.  Many of the creators who've brought these characters to life will be on hand to share their experiences.  

Instructor: Danny Bilson

Danny Bilson is the Executive Vice President of Core Games for leading videogame publisher THQ Inc.  He has more than 20-years of writing, directing, and creative development experience in all major entertainment media including video games, film, television, and comic books. His credits include The Sentinel, Human Target, The Flash television series, and The Rocketeer. He has also offered creative direction for some of the most successful video games in the history of the industring including The Sims, Medal of Honor, James Bond, and The Harry Potter franchise. 

CTWR 416: Motion Picture Script Analysis

Instructor: Janet Batchler

Mondays, 1:00pm – 4:50 pm,   section# 19416R

We all have bad movies we love and great movies we don’t. This class will teach students the analytical skills to examine their own experience as audience members with a wide variety of films, and give them a set of “tools” for discussing their reactions, whether they are a writer, director, editor, composer, DP, costume designer, reviewer, executive, or otherwise.

CTWR 404: The Foundations of Comedy            

Mondays   7:00pm – 10:00pm ,    section 19311R

Instructor: Ken Levine

A laugh is involuntary. It is a reflexive recognition of a truth or contradiction. It acknowledges life’s imperfection. The job of the comedic artist is to conjure that laugh. A study of the underlying principles of comedy can be practically applied to the creation and execution of comedy.  Warning:  Comedy is, at its heart, controversial. Testing moral and social boundaries is its nature. Material shown and discussed in class may offend.

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Name: Michael Lane
Phone: 213-740-3309