July 3, 2013

VIDEO: Fruitvale Station Crew @ SCA

Six of the Fourteen Trojans from Fruitval Station at USC

On Friday, June 28th, six of the fourteen Trojans who worked on the film Fruitvale Station came home to USC to screen the film and participate in a Q and A with current students.

Fruitvale Station was developed by the Sundance Labs and is the first film to win both the Audience Award and the Grand Jury Prize since Precious in 2009. In addition to Coogler, other SCA creatives responsible forFruitvale are Producers Nina Yang Bongiovi (Annenberg) and Forest Whitaker (School of Dramatic Arts), Co-Producer Sev Ohanian ‘12, Associate Producers Haroula Rose and Gerard McMurray ‘11 and Editors Michael P. Shawver '12 and Claudia S. Castello ‘12. The film featured music by Ludwig Goransson (Thornton School of Music). The Office PA was current SCA student Mahin Ibrahim and additional Post-Production Sound was provided by David J. Turner, Kimberley Patrick and Matthew Breault. Ephraim Walker (Gould School of Law) also aided the filmmakers as a Bay Area Consultant.