May 22, 2013

SCA Welcomes New Division

Media Arts + Practice Becomes the School's Seventh Division

From Nonny de la Pena's  Hunger in Los Angeles, created within the Media Arts + Practice Ph.D. program

The USC School of Cinematic Arts is adding a division designed to study cutting-edge digital technology. The new Media Arts + Practice Division (MAP) will focus on emerging forms of storytelling and use of the moving image in diverse vocations and academic spheres. The Media Arts + Practice Division will offer Bachelor of Arts and Ph.D. degrees. 

“The moving image has become the primary way that people communicate in not only the academic world, but also the business world, the communications field, the entertainment industry and many other industries,” said SCA Dean Elizabeth M. Daley. “This new division reflects the School of Cinematic Arts’ commitment to evolving and changing as the world evolves. The skills taught within Media Arts + Practice will be crucial for students who want an advantage in the global marketplace.”

The Bachelor of Arts degree in the Media Arts + Practice Division is devoted to exploring the potential of scholarly expression, visual storytelling, data visualization and social media across the humanities and professional fields. This includes business, education, medicine, urban planning and law, areas in which digital media is becoming essential for effective communication. The Ph.D. degree has already produced cutting-edge, award-winning research that spans multiple disciplines.

The Media Arts + Practice major is ideal for students who are interested in the expanded array of cinematic technologies that can be used for critical, creative expression of ideas, as well as those who want to develop skills in visual communication for use in diverse fields.

“SCA is known as a home to some of the best writers, directors, producers, animators, game designers and critics in the world, people who specialize in creating or commenting on the entertainment industry, and our program builds on that legacy,” said Holly Willis, Chair of the Media Arts + Practice Division. “Storytelling is fundamental not just in entertainment but in every industry, and there is a growing need across every field for people who understand the power of the cinematic arts and can use it effectively to better inform, educate, interpret and communicate in a world that is inundated with data and information.”

The School is now comprised of seven divisions: The Bryan Singer Division of Critical Studies, the Film & Television Production Division, the John C. Hench Division of Animation & Digital Arts, the Interactive Media & Games Division, the Peter Stark Producing Program, Writing for Screen & Television and the Media Arts + Practice Division.