April 26, 2013

Hench-DADA Chair Kathy Smith Honored

Smith Honored with Award in Faculty Mentoring

By Ryan Gilmour

One of the USC School of Cinematic Arts’ primary missions is to provide a world-class faculty for its students. Kathy Smith, the chair of the John C. Hench Division of Animation and Digital Arts exemplifies this tradition and was honored with the 2013 USC Mellon Mentoring Award for Graduate Mentoring by Faculty on April 25th at a ceremony at the USC University Club.

“Mentorship is core to actually helping students grow as artists and filmmakers. In our discipline particularly, sitting one on one with them at their cubicles to resolve a creative problem or taking them out on field trips helps the students bond with each other and builds a community environment,” said Smith. “Also, they feel comfortable that they can talk to the faculty about their goals and aspirations and be part of the creative evolution of the program and field.”

The USC Mellon Mentoring Awards honor individual faculty members for helping build a supportive academic environment at USC through faculty-to-student and faculty-to-faculty mentoring. In addition, the USC Mellon Culture of Mentoring Award recognizes a mentoring program or faculty development strategy in an academic unit that provides a vital resource for faculty growth and success.

Award Categories
·    Award for Undergraduate Mentoring By Faculty
·    Award for Postdoctoral Trainee Mentoring by Faculty
·    Award for Graduate Mentoring By Faculty
·    Award for Faculty-to-Faculty Mentoring
·    Culture of Mentoring Award

“The best part of the award is that the students actually nominated me, this means more than anything because it is rewarding to know that we do have impact on their lives,” added Smith.

For more information, please visit: http://mentor.usc.edu/mellon-awards/