March 15, 2013

Summer Program: Applications Open

Unique Program Also Open to Non-Major and Non-USC Students

The School of Cinematic Arts Summer Program offers participants from around the world an opportunity to attend intensive and creatively demanding filmmaking classes taught by world-class faculty with the use of state-of-the-art equipment. Offering over thirty classes each summer, SCA Summer Program courses cover all aspects of filmmaking, including cinematography, directing, screenwriting, film and television business studies and computer/hand-drawn animation and gaming. Full semester classes condensed into six or seven weeks creates a total immersion experience unlike any other film school in the world. SCA Summer Program students have gone on to become producers at major companies/studios, independent filmmakers and even Emmy Award-winning documentarians.

“Our students are getting college credit. They are the same classes that USC students take condensed into six weeks,” said Ty Strickler, the Program Coordinator for the SCA Summer Program. “This summer, in particular, we have something really cool coming up. We have partnered with the Walt Disney Company to offer a class that will meet, once a week, on the Disney lot. The students will have access to facilities that aren’t offered to anyone outside of commercial features and television shows. Our students are going to get to film in these amazing sets.”

For more information or to apply to the Summer Program, please visit: