March 12, 2013


USC to Hold 3-Day Event on Groundbreaking Cognitive Therapeutics

Following its successful inaugural symposium in 2011, the Entertainment Software and Cognitive Neurotherapeutics Society (ESCoNS) is holding its second annual conference from March 15-17 at USC to advance the development of videogame therapy in diagnosing and combating mental disorders, as well as how to improve cognitive learning, brain capacity and function through interactive gameplay. Partnered with SCA’s Interactive Media and Games Division and the Game Innovation Lab, this year’s conference will bring together over 200 attendees in the tops of their fields to create scientific and medical breakthroughs through interactive games and media.

“The ESCoNS conference was born to address complex issues by bridging the chasm between videogame developers and neuroscientists. We are making tremendous strides as the key stakeholders work toward the advancement of videogame technology for science, education and medicine,” said George Rose, formerly an executive at Activision-Blizzard, Inc., and the founder of the Rose Family Foundation at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. “We are creating a new industry by mixing the latest research on the brain, supported by hard science with technological advancements in interactive gaming.”

ESCoNS 2 will feature four half-day sessions to address a range of topics, including computerized brain

training, brain plasticity measurement, game design, motivated targeted behaviors, funding opportunities for academic-industry partnerships and business development in the field of cognitive therapeutics, or brain therapy. Attendees will also be invited to numerous workshops on the principles of successful game design for therapeutic applications and a presentation of works dedicated to showcasing new computerized therapeutic tools.

This year’s event will bring together startups, videogame and technology companies, academics, clinicians and government agencies to get pioneering ideas developed and into the hands and view of those that need it most. ESCoNS 2’s goal is to push the boundaries of collaboration between neuroscience and the game industry by commencing a series of coordinated efforts designed to make cognitive neurotherapeutics a reality, thereby enhancing the arsenal of tools in combating brain disorders affecting millions of people around the world.

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