February 15, 2013

USC Cinematic Arts Announces Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts and Practice

New B.A. Will Cover Emerging Media

The USC School of Cinematic Arts is always on the cutting edge of the digital marketplace and digital technology. In this vein the School is proud to announce a new degree program, the B.A. in Media Arts + Practice.

The Bachelors in Media Arts + Practice within the School of Cinematic Arts is devoted to exploring the potential of scholarly expression, visual storytelling, data visualization and social media across professional fields that include business, education, medicine, urban planning and law, areas in which digital media is becoming essential to effective communication. The Media Arts and Practice major is ideal for students who are interested in the expanded array of cinematic technologies that can be used for critical, creative expression of ideas, as well as those who want to develop skills in visual communication for use in diverse fields.

“SCA is known as a home to some of the best writers, directors, producers, animators, game designers and critics in the world, people who specialize in creating or commenting on the entertainment industry and our program builds on that legacy,” said Holly Willis the Director of the Media Arts and Practice Program. “Storytelling is fundamental not just in entertainment but in every industry, and there is a growing need across every field for people who understand the power of the cinematic arts and can use it effectively to better inform, educate, interpret and communicate in a world that is inundated with data and information.”

For information on how to apply, contact:

Office of  Admissions Office
USC School of Cinematic Arts
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Los Angeles, CA 90089-2211
Phone: 213.740.8358
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