August 1, 2012

Puzzlejuice on a Roll

SCA Graduate’s Game Puzzlejuice Ranked Top Ten

Puzzlejuice is pitched as a “game that will  punch your brain in the face.” The game was designed by recent SCA alum Asher Vollmer  and has been racking up accolades since it was released in January of this year. Puzzlejuice  combines block sorting, word spelling, and color matching in a way that tests the brain’s ability to be pulled stretches the brain in three different directions simultaneously.

“I wanted to make something simple but fun,” said Vollmer. “But I had no interest in playing any of the countless established casual games. I told my boss I wanted to make a game where you play all of them at once and he said, ‘That idiotic. Make it happen.’”

To date, Puzzlejuice has been awarded:

• Top Ranking iPad App - Top 10 in Overall Apps, Top 5 in Games
• Top Ranking iPhone App - Top 20 in Overall Apps, Top 10 in Games
• Must Play iPhone Game -
• Featured in the PAX 10 - Seattle, 31 August, 2012

“Puzzlejuice is a fantastic game all around,” said Chair of the Interactive Media Division at
SCA Tracy Fullerton. “It has clever mechanics, a smart sense of humor, and a clean, fun visual
presentation.  It hits a sweet spot for mobile gaming in that it seems familiar at first, but as you
play, reveals unexpected twists and challenges that give it long term playability.  This is a kind
of modern success story:  an indie game with great design going viral.”

Of Puzzlejuice and the earlier projects he has worked on, Vollmer notes, “It gives me hope that
I’m helping the game industry grow in ways that it’s not used to. My goal when I make games is
to sort of push the boundaries a little bit, and apparently that’s worked.”
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