July 26, 2012

DreamWorks @ SCA

SCA Unveils DreamWorks’ DreamWorlds Exhibit

On July 31st,  The USC School of Cinematic Arts hosted  the dedication of the “DreamWorlds Behind the Scenes: Production Art from DreamWorks Animation” exhibit in the Mary Pickford Lobby, which featured DWA CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and other members of DreamWorks Animation’s creative, executive and outreach teams.

“To produce an animated film, you need hundreds of talented artists, whether they’re using paper and pencil or computers and pixels,” said Katzenberg. “What they create is pure imagination. This exhibit is a celebration of that magic, and it is especially fitting that it’s being held here at USC, where so many future ‘magicians’ are being trained.”

“DreamWorlds Behind the Scenes: Production Art from DreamWorks Animation” will enchant students and visitors through a broad array of artwork and digital content.  The exhibit will include artwork from 24 of DreamWorks’ animated features, including Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and How To Train Your Dragon, along withover one hundred digital prints of visual development artwork, approximately thirty framed originals, two miniature sets and three maquettes, set pieces of Kung Fu Panda “Po” standee and new Rise of the Guardians standee, three media stations with animation tests, stereo footage, Rise of the Guardians trailer, Guardians Creating an Epic video and other video clips.

Of the exhibit, Dean Elizabeth M. Daley remarked, “What we teach our students is to dream really big and to be the very best they can be. It’s DreamWorks Animation that sets the standard for them, creating amazing worlds, memorable characters, and terrific stories that we can all share. DreamWorks inspires our animators,, as well as all the rest of the students in the School, and they may even inspire a dragon trainer or two.”

“DreamWorlds Behind the Scenes: Production Art from DreamWorks Animation” opened to the public on Monday, July 30th and will continue until Friday, September 7th  from 9:00am – 5:00pm in the USC School of Cinematic Arts’ first floor gallery.

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