April 13, 2012

Jason Segel Keeps his “Engagement”

Filmmaker visits Leonard Maltin’s Class

By Valerie Turpin

Leonard Maltin’s class has hosted executives, directors, technicians, editors and countless other storytellers but, on April 12th, they hosted a world-class puppeteer. Maltin held a panel for actor/screenwriter/executive producer Jason Segel (Popularly known for his roles in How I Met Your Mother, I Love You Man and The Muppets), director/screenwriter/producer Nick Stoller (The Muppets, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), and producer Rodney Rothman (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Year One) to discuss their new film, The Five-Year Engagement.

Rodney Rothman, Jason Segel, Nick Stoller and Leonard Maltin

In regards to creating a script around the truth of the situation, Segel explains, “It’s a very fluid exploration of a relationship over five years. There’s something scary about that, because it’s not based on plot, it’s based on truth of the way that people talk in a relationship. And the way people fight is not perfectly worded. It’s one of my big pet peeves when I see someone say something exactly right.

“That’s not how people talk. You know, when people fight, it’s like, ‘you are a dumb dummy!’ So part of the fights that I’m most proud of … is that it’s really how people fight. It’s what comes out of your mouth at the most desperate moments.”

The Panel Held a Q and A for students of SCA

The class screened The Five-Year Engagement, followed by a Q&A directed by Leonard Maltin and opened the discussion to the class.  The three discussed their involvement not only on their current film, but also on the collaborative work they have had together throughout their careers.

Segel went on to say, “We were going to succeed together or fail together, and it worked out. [For us,] it doesn’t matter if [the story] is funny, it matters if it’s compelling. The only goal that you’re trying to get to is honesty.”

The Five Year Engagement opens on April 27th in theatres.