March 21, 2012

Comedy@SCA Makes a Big Bang

SCA Hosts Writers of Hit Show

By Valerie Turpin

Two nerds living in an apartment talking about comic books, video games and science sounds like the average day in the life of a SCA student. When showrunner Bill Prady started The Big Bang Theory in 2007, he hit a nerve with the nerd subculture. On March 21st, the writers of Big Bang visited with students from the School of Cinematic arts to talk about the trials and triumphs of writing for television as well as offering advice for aspiring TV writers.

From left: Jack Oakie Chair in Comedy/Chair of the Writing Division
Jack Epps, Jr., SCA Adjunct/Big Bang writer Dave Goetsch, Big Bang
Showrunner Bill Prady, Big Bang Producer Maria Ferrari, Big Bang
Supervising Producer Steve Holland and Executive Producer Steve

In regards to the show’s inclusion of an On-Air audience, SCA Professor/Big Bang writer/producer Dave Goetsch explained, “It’s so rewarding as a writer because you, you hear something, you come up with it or, say you watch somebody come up with it, and then you see it right away and you see two hundred people respond to it.”

The panel included executive producers Bill Prady and Steve Molaro, co-executive producer Goetsch, supervising producer Steve Holland, and producer Maria Ferrari.

When asked how aspiring writers should tackle the industry and the fear of pitching ideas, Steve Molaro responded, “You know, it’s not unlike baseball, you’re gonna swing, you’ll strike out and you’ll get a hit, and after a while, the strikeout [doesn’t matter], you move on and go on to the next one, and you get there.”