March 1, 2012

Lisa Pollack Gives Students “Reality”

Veteran Agent Visits SCA

To some students at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, “Reality” is a four-letter word. Years before the advent of reality television, the words Reality Ends Here were emblazoned above the archway of the building. On February 29th, reality television agent Lisa Pollack spoke to students at a Student Industry Relations event about not being a snob against reality TV.

Lisa Pollack with Larry Auerbach, the head of Student Industry Relations

“I always say to look at all of your options,” said Pollack. “Interview places. Talk to people. Meet [with] people. Networking is crucial. I got into [the reality television business] because it was happening. It wasn’t as sexy as film or TV but it was great. I got to get in and work. It’s because I was open.”

Pollack is an agent for the Kaplan Stahler Agency and had a long career in production and managing before landing her current career. She spoke about her passion to help young people, her sometimes erratic career trajectory and how certain elements of reality television translate across media and platforms.

“Whether it’s reality or scripted, we are looking for characters that pop,” continued Pollack. “It’s about finding that project that jumps off the screen or the page. It’s all about taste and finding out what you respond to.”

Torrie Rosenzweig from the Student Industry Relations Office hosted the Q and A. SIR provides a broad range of professional development services as well as in-depth information about career growth, film festivals and networking opportunities.

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