February 13, 2012

SCA’S “LUV” Child

Sundance Hit Comes to Maltin’s Class

In the Sundance hit LUV, Woody, a young boy from Baltimore, is taken by his uncle Vincent around the streets of the city in order to learn what it takes to be a man. The gritty portrayal of the city is both grim and poetic which; according to writer/director Sheldon Candis ’03 is because it’s true.
Sheldon Candis and Leonard Maltin
“[LUV] is a fictional tale inspired by a true relationship,” said Candis. “I was always telling Justin [Wilson]  these crazy stories about growing up in Baltimore. We found it really interesting to think about a young boy going through his rite of passage; experiencing violence for the first time through his Uncle.”
The crew of LUV visited with Leonard Maltin’s 466 class on Thursday, February 9, 2012. The film recently debuted at the Sundance Film Festival and received a standing ovation.
The crew of LUV includes USC alumni:
Justin Wilson ‘98, writer
Jason Michael Berman ‘06, producer
Nuno Malo, ‘02 composer
Gavin Kelly ‘04, cinematographer
Joel Newton ‘00, producer
W. Michael Jenson '05, producer
“I remember Bryan Singer came [to 466] as an alum,” said Wilson. “He said he didn’t feel like he made it as a filmmaker until he brought The Usual Suspects here. I can’t say that I’ve made it like [Singer] but it’s truly an honor to be here.”
LUV was recently acquired for distribution and will be in theatres in 2012. For more information on LUV, please visit: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1907707/fullcredits#writers