November 11, 2011

A Picture Perfect Award

Professor Linda Brown wins Kodak Educational Award

On October 27th, associate Professor Linda Brown took home the Kodak Education Award for her work teaching the next generation of filmmakers in the art and science of cinematography.

Professor Linda Brown receiving the Kodak
Educational Award with Peter Lude', SMPTE

“I felt very honored. Being only the second women and the third USC faculty member to receive the award puts me in an elite group or just plain good company,” said Brown. “Both Woody Omens, ASC and Tomlinson Holman preceded me in receiving the award.”

Brown is a previous recipient of a Kodak Vision Award for cinematography, and is a Fulbright Scholar. She studied filmmaking at Temple University and cinematography at AFI. Her feature credits include Little Indiscretions, Lucky Bastard and American Beauties: In Pursuit of Art, which she also produced. Brown also shot episodes of Showtime's Women: Stories of Passion, plus various documentaries and music videos throughout her long career. Her documentary, Your Favorite, detailing her relationship with her father, won recognition at the Athens International Film Festival and the American Film Festival. Brown's latest documentary, You See Me, received a Humanities Grant and is slated for release next year. She has taught at AFI, Maine Media Workshops, City University of Hong Kong, Temple University, The Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts and is presently an Associate Professor at USC's School of Cinematic Arts.

When asked what inspires her to be a educator, Brown responded, “Seeing a student make a breakthrough in their understanding of something they've been struggling with is always exciting. Watching that light bulb go on is rewarding!”

"Linda Brown has committed herself to pushing professional standards in the educational arena, and insisting her students have a strong foundation in both the technical and aesthetic principles of cinematography, enabling them to choose the best medium for their project," says Judy Doherty, marketing director of the Americas region for Kodak's Entertainment Imaging division.

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