October 13, 2011

Just Seen it Hitting Big

Alumnus-run Web Show Picking Up Steam

It’s impossible to come through the USC School of Cinematic Arts without viewing and analyzing dozens, if not hundreds, of films. Alumnus David Freedman '10 took the natural skills that students posses and turned it into a new web show Just Seen It, where “Industry Students” discuss films and TV shows they’ve just seen.

Just Seen It is available at www.justseenit.com

“Everybody’s a critic,” said Freedman. “I was at Café 84 one day and I heard a group of students digging in and really discussing a film that they had just seen on campus. It was passionate and, more importantly, it was articulate.”

From that experience, Freedman created the show Just Seen It, which features SCA students discussing films that are currently in release and the new TV shows. The idea was to bring back the type of insightful and contentious criticism, which was common when Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert ruled the critical world.

The show originally aired on Freedman’s own website but he’s looking to move it to bigger and better distribution. Just Seen It was recently written up in Variety as an example of new DIY shows. Freedman had advice for students looking to start their own shows.

“Sweat every little detail,” Freedman continued. “It has to look great. It has to sound great. The wardrobe, the make-up, the lighting – everything. If you want a professionally produced show you have to listen to what Helaine Head and Joe Wallenstein teach in television production. Sweat Everything.”

Just Seen It is currently in the process of finding corporate sponsorship for their content. “We’re looking to either work with Coffee Bean or Dish Network or both,” Freedman continued. “It’s a good time to be us because so many places are looking for original content.”

Just Seen It can be viewed at www.justseenit.com