October 11, 2011

John Singleton on Abduction

Alumnus/Director Visits SCA


John Singleton knows film history. His new film Abduction might seem like a straightforward action film but, when Singleton visited students on Friday, October 7th, he stated that his inspiration for the film goes back to Hitchcock.


John Singleton

“I’m at film school so I have to give a little cinematic knowledge,” joked Singleton. “. Adventure films were films where characters went on journeys, which were filled with suspense and adventure. [Hitchcock] made a new paradigm with a film called 39 Steps. The whole arc of the picture was [the main character] trying to prove he wasn’t a criminal.”

Singleton spoke before a packed screening at Norris Theatre. He gave advice to aspiring filmmakers as well.

“If you really want to be a filmmaker, you need to learn to write,” he said. “The technology’s always going to be there. You have to learn the story.”

Abduction is currently in theatres. For more information please visit: http://abductionthefilm.com/