September 16, 2011

Don Hall Honored by Editor’s Guild

SCA Professor to Receive Fellowship and Service Award

SCA Professor Don Hall’s resume is long. In addition to being a respected and sought after lecturer and mentor to countless SCA students and graduates, he has more than ninety credits, an Emmy, a Peabody, a BAFTA Award, an MPSE Career Achievement Award and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Jon Bonner Medal of Commendation. On October 15th, he will be adding the Editor’s Guild’s Fellowship and Service award to his long list.

Don Hall at SCA

“Upon hearing the details of its meaning and significance, I questioned my qualifications to be a recipient,” said Hall. “I was assured I was deserving, I felt totally overwhelmed and my personal acceptance came slowly.”

Hall has worked with many legendary directors including Robert Wise, Arthur Hiller, Otto Preminger, Mel Brooks and Robert Altman.

“Don is a remarkable teacher and a pioneer in the world of sound editing,” said Dean Elizabeth M. Daley. “He brings unique knowledge and unparalleled enthusiasm to every class he teaches. Not surprisingly for a world-class sound editor, he's a wonderful listener. We are deeply honored to have him on our faculty.”

In 1996, Hall joined the SCA faculty and currently teaching two sections of CTPR 310: Sound Editing. In the past, he has supervised the sound students on CTPR: 480 Projects.

When asked about the secret to his longevity, Hall replied, “For me there is no one secret but a series of friendships, being at the right place at the right time, always regarding you peers as your equals or superiors and never straying from the person who I really am. If one word could describe it, it would be ‘consistency.”’

Daley will be introducing Hall at the ceremony on the 15th. Hall will be joining Fellowship and Service Award recipients Donn Cambren, Dede Allen, Thomas C. Short and Carol Littleton.

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