April 26, 2011

SCA Professor Takes “Deep Blue Breath”

Short film to debut at the Make a Film Foundation

Making a film is a challenging prospect for any aspiring storyteller. In addition to writing a compelling narrative, being mindful of budget and corralling creative types into a schedule, middle-school aged writer/actor Clay Beabout had to undergo thirty-nine surgeries for Vertebral, Anal, Trachel-Esophigal and Renal Syndrome while planning the short Deep Blue Breath with the Make a Film Foundation.

Patricia Cardoso with Clay Beabout on the set of Deep Blue

SCA Professor Patricia Cardoso directed the film, which will debut on Saturday April 30th at the Writer’s Guild Theatre. The screening will also serve as a benefit for the Make a Film Foundation.

“I was able to connect to Clay’s story because I was born with a kidney problem and, as a baby, I spent a lot of time with doctors and had to undergo a few surgeries,” said Cardoso via email. “My first memory is at a hospital, inside a crib after surgery. I remember standing, grabbing the posts and looking at some beautiful balloons my mom had brought me.”

Beabout will undergo his 40th intensive surgery just days after the premiere. As a result of VACTR, Clay was born with a number of abnormalities including: five missing ribs on his left side, two congenital curves and severe Arterial and Ventricular Septal Defects (ASD and VSD).

Beabont was a candidate for an innovative, yet highly experimental, Titanium Rib Program at the Children’s Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. Four vertical titanium adjustable rib prosthetics have been implanted in his chest cavity.

“Clay is so brave. He always felt comfortable in medical settings and around the film shoots,” said Cardoso. “I’ve also felt very comfortable in hospitals. They don’t scare or intimidate me at all.”

SCA Professor Particia Cardoso (Center) at the premiere
of Deep Blue Breath

Beabout will graduate from Andover Middle School, in Wichita, Kansas this May with straight As.

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