April 1, 2011

“In Captivity” Set Free

Student Film at 32nd Annual College Television Awards

In today’s world of social media and twenty-four hour news, sometimes it seems like people live their lives under constant observation. The student film, In Captivity, which tells the story of the first man to live his life as part of a museum exhibit, takes the concept to extremes.

Jimme finds out there is an outside world on the set
of"In Captivity"

In Captivity, produced as part of the 546 production class at the School of Cinematic Arts, was recently recognized by the College Television Awards in the comedy category. A gala for the nominees and winners will be held on April 9th at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood.

“There are films you direct where you feel one or two moments on set that you know are gold. In Captivity was a film where moment after moment,” said director Michael Koerbel. “Jimme, played by Josh Beren, consistently gave gold. When you go to USC, not only do you have access to the top faculty and resources in the world, but you also can attract the next generation of comedic superstars.”

In Captivity"In Captivity" Trailer

The crew for In Captivity included Koerbel, writers Clem Darling and Joe Swanson, producers Giles Andrew and Corbin Frost, cinematographers Derek Weil and Herbert James Winterstern, production designer Giao-Chau Ly, editors Brian Scofield and Hartley Voss, sound by Kari Barber and John Guernsey, and assistant director Daniel Grove.

“When I first came to USC, I had eyed the advanced project with a lot of intimidation, but all the tools and teaching you need are available to you,” continued Koerbel. “It’s up to you to assemble the team and tell the best story you can. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to attend USC, and I look forward to the future.“

In Captivity is hitting the film festival circuit this summer and seeking possible distribution through independent venues.