March 30, 2011

Fox Sets the “Stage” for Dedication

20th Century Fox Dedicates Campus Sound Stage

The School of Cinematic Arts complex is full of iconic names from the history of film. Students hold production meetings in the Mary Pickford Lobby, study the history of film technology in the Hugh M. Hefner Archives and analyze films in the Walt Disney Studios Screening Room. On Wednesday the 30th, 20th Century Fox added their name to the list of iconic institutions and artists affiliated with the School of Cinematic Arts at the dedication of the 20th Century Fox Sound Stage.

Dean Elizabeth M. Daley, Fox Co-chairman Tom Rothman,
George Lucas, Fox co-chairman Jim Gianopulos and USC
President C.L. Max Nikias

George Lucas, Fox co-chairmen Jim Gianopulos and Tom Rothman, USC President C. L. Max Nikias, alumnus Shawn Levy and SCA Dean Elizabeth M. Daley were in attendance.

Lucas spoke to the crowd about the value of people with vision. He addressed current students directly telling them that being surrounded by talented people is the single most important thing they can do in their career.

The sound stage was made possible by a major gift from Fox, which Lucas helped facilitate. If continues a long relationship between SCA and the entertainment industry as well the collaboration between Lucas and Fox who produced the Star Wars trilogies.

Tom Rothman introduced SCA alumnus Levy and joked that his seven hits for Fox gives him a “better batting average than God.” Rothman also joked that President Nikias’ pronunciation of Gianopulos’ name was the first time he had heard it said correctly.

SCA alumnus Levy told the crowd that his education at SCA prepared him for the leap from smaller films like Cheaper by the Dozen to the visual effects-heavy Night at the Museum series.

“I remember sitting in Norris Theatre my first day and being told that we had our first film due in three weeks, and we knew nothing,” said Levy. “At USC film school they emphasized that the best way to learn was by doing. By figuring it out. When I was faced with A Night at the Museum, I had the same reaction as I did that first day.”

Daley hosted the event and gave the Fox chairmen a plaque to match the one hanging in the sound stage.

“Beyond the stage itself and all the incredible tools that it houses, there is the less tangible, but certainly no less important sense of inspiration that our students will take from working late nights and early mornings in a building with the 20th Century Fox logo on it,” said Daley. “This is a legendary Hollywood institution that has given us unforgettable entertainment for decades. I know I still get a thrill when I see that logo and that drum roll come up on the big screen, and I know that our students do too.”

The 20th Century Fox Sound Stage is located in the Cinematic Arts complex and will begin housing student productions and classes immediately.