March 28, 2011

Sony Partners with SCA

Students and Faculty receive laptops and cameras

Technology and filmmaking have gone hand in hand since the beginning. Sony, with the support of Intel, is making sure the filmmakers of tomorrow have the technology that they need to tell the stories that they want to tell without financial burdens. On March 25th, the Sony Electronics Scholarship Program awarded laptops, cameras and MP3 players to seven SCA students and faculty members.

Mann, Sony's Steve Zimmer, Gibson, Dizon,
Kim and Conteh

“Technology is a huge part of the learning process today,” said Mike Abary, senior vice president of Sony Electronics. “We understand the added pressures students and faculty have during these tough economic times, and want to help outstanding individuals focus on what’s really important – education.”

The Sony Electronics Scholarship Program will provide grants to thirty universities and community colleges across the United States. Students grant recipients are chosen by their individual campuses based on financial need and academic excellence.

The 2011 faculty recipients at the School of Cinematic Arts were Lisa Mann and Jeremy Gibson. Student recipients were Lea Dizon, Seong ‘Sean’ Kim, Sorie Conteh. Kyla Gorman and Maria Sequeira.