March 11, 2011

From Subs to Storytelling

SCA Partners with Subway to Produce Web Content

Subway sandwiches have been a long time staple in all night editing sessions at the School of Cinematic Arts and now, the sandwich maker has joined into a partnership with SCA to produce short series for the web called the Subway Fresh Artist Filmmakers Project.

The Production Poster for Jeff and Ravi Fail History

“The Subway Fresh Artist Filmmakers project is a rare opportunity for our students to create serialized content, which is extremely valuable given the likelihood that many of them will work in television or even branded entertainment after graduation,” said Brenda Goodman, head of the Producing Track and Senior Lecturer at SCA. “Developing this project with Subway was an extremely collaborative effort, which ensured a very rich and worthwhile experience for our students. For most of the participants, Subway Fresh Artists was their first exposure to working within a ‘client service’ mindset, which will serve them well in their careers.”

Two winning Subway Fresh Artist Fimmakers program series will make their official debut March 1, 2011, on My Damn Channel. As part of the screening schedule for the Fresh Artists campaign, Subway is partnering with My Damn Channel and IFC to showcase the contest winners at the IFC Crossroads House at SXSW in Austin, Texas in March.

The two winning series are:

Do Whatever – A scripted comedy series from Andy Landen, Giles Andrew, and Alice Mathias featuring an overworked junior lawyer who convinces his computer genius friend to quit his job and start a business with him doing jobs that nobody else wants to do.

Jeff and Ravi Fail History – A scripted buddy comedy sci-fi series from R.J. Daniel Hanna, F. Brian Scolfield and Ian Ward following a jovial slacker and his astrophysicist roommate as they stumble their way from the dawn of man to a post-apocalyptic future in a sputtering time machine.

To view the series please check out