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Participants of the US State Department’s Media Meets Message at SCA

Everett Lewis with students in Saudi Arabia at the Aramco Young People Program

SCA Instructors with students at the Saudi Aramco Program

SCA Partnership with Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in Beijing, China

Malasya Multimedia Group at SCA's World Building Lab

Dean Elizabeth Daley speaks at the Beijing Film Academy

Vietnamese students visit the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

The American Film Showcase program in India

Fusion Arts Exchange Program Students visiting L.A.

SCA Partnership with Jordan’s Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts

Fusion Arts Exchange Program

Envoy Richard Pearce with his class in Ongwediva, Namibia

American Film Showcase Film Envoys

Mara Tekach, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Professional and Cultural Exchanges at ECA speaking to the new envoys


  1. ShanghaiTech University.  Consultation agreement begun in March 2015 for their new cinema curriculum at the university.  In June 2015, SCA instructors will teach a special eight-week non-university screenwriting workshop for professional Chinese screenwriters in Shanghai.  Future projects are currently in discussion. 
  2. Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB).  Consultation agreement signed in September 2014 to develop and teach special program modules in Beijing and at SCA as part of their school’s prestigious EMBA program.  Our first workshops will be at SCA in July 2015 and will include two 4-day modules focusing on the business of entertainment and will include special speakers from the entertainment industry, screenings and invited visits to leading film, television and new media companies.  The overall consultation agreement is for multiple years.
  3. IPEK University, Ankara, Turkey.  Consulting agreement signed in August, 2013 to provide advice and counsel during IPEK’s new cinema school’s design and construction.  SCA’s services will also include curriculum development initially in undergraduate animation, production and screenwriting, special workshops and other activities.   The main part of their school for the production program is scheduled to open in September 2016.
  4. Multimedia University Cinematic Arts Program, Iskandar, Malaysia.  SCA has been working closely with MMU and their new cinematic arts programs since late 2011.  The school built its own complex in Iskandar in southern Malaysia and opened in fall 2014.  SCA has been consulting on their academic curriculum, facilities, and has taught short workshops in cinematography, production and screenwriting.  In July - August 2015, SCA will send instructors there to teach four advanced workshops for their second year students. 
  5. Globo Broadcasting, Rio De Janeiro.  One week special editing workshop for Globo editors and others in July 2015.  
  6. Effat Women’s University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,  In a multi-year consultation agreement signed in September 2012, SCA has been collaborating with Effat University in the establishment of an academic program in Media & Digital Production.  Selected senior SCA faculty have also participated on the university’s Program Advisory Committee and performing quality control audits. 
Previous Completed Programs
  1. Vietnam.  In association with various Vietnam government ministries and the Ford Foundation, between 2005 – 2009, SCA developed and taught several multi-week and shorter workshops in production and screenwriting to Vietnamese filmmakers and television producers, both at the USC School of Cinematic Arts and in Hanoi.   Several workshop participants subsequently were admitted to our school and received their Bachelor or Master’s degrees, and several are now successful director, writers, producers and other positions in Vietnam.
  2. Jordan.  From 2005 through 2011, SCA worked closely with Jordan’s Royal Film Commission to develop and conduct several special workshops in production, writing, editing, and animation with aspiring filmmakers in an effort to develop the country’s indigenous film industry.  SCA also advised and participated in the design and operation of Jordan’s Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts, the first and only accredited Master’s Degree program in that region.  Located in Aqaba, its students came from Jordan and several surrounding countries, including Kuwait, Iran, and Egypt.  Many graduates are currently working as professional filmmakers and teaching cinema at the university level.
  3. Fusion Arts Exchange Program.  Sponsored and funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Cultural and Educational Affairs, the three-year summer programs between 2007 – 2009, brought 20 young film students from five countries (Egypt, France, Philippines, Mexico, Lebanon) and the U.S. for intensive four-week programs in production, writing and American film history.  The final two weeks of the program each year featured a special road trip to a part of the country that had either played a role in our country’s film history or was an important historical landmark.  The travel included a bus trip through the Mississippi delta blues trail, as well as the sites of numerous important battles during the Civil War;  a bus trip up the coast of California, stopping at early California film studios, and finishing with special tours at George Lucas’s Skywalker Sound Studios, and his Marin County special effects and editing facilities.  The third trip included a stop in New York City, followed by exploring the Freedom Trail in Boston, and finally, a visit to Philadelphia to celebrate the founding of the country.  Each of the three programs closed their programs in Washington, DC, where they met with State Department officials and had the opportunity to visit the famous landmarks and museums.
  4. Russian Screenwriting Workshops.  Over two summers in 2012 and 2013, SCA was invited to teach advanced screenwriting to Russian professionals.  Two SCA instructors spent two weeks teaching at each workshop.
  5. Aramco Young People Programs.  Developed and funded by Aramco, one of the largest oil companies in the world, SCA was invited to teach special six-week workshops in writing, production, animation and multi-media to young Saudi boys and girls, ranging from ages of nine to sixteen in special one-week classes.  The programs were held in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, adjacent to the Aramco facilities and compound.  Several SCA instructors taught the classes and also trained young Saudi filmmakers who were serving as class assistants to teach future classes.