Interactive Media and Games Faculty List

Tracy J. Fullerton

Professor of Cinematic Arts, Interactive Media & Games Division
Electronic Arts Endowed Chair, Interactive Entertainment
Director, USC Game Innovation Lab
Director of USC Games

Gordon Bellamy

Adjunct Lecturer

Kiki Benzon

Associate Professor of the Practice of Cinematic Arts

Danny Bilson

Visiting Professor of Interactive Media and Games
Chair, Interactive Media and Games Division

Mark Bolas

Professor of Cinematic Arts
Director INIT Lab
Media Arts + Practice Division, Ph.D. Advisor

Peter Brinson

Professor of Practice

Heather Desurvire

Part-Time Lecturer

Mike Fischer

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Interactive Media & Games

Thomas Anthony Frisina

Part-Time Lecturer

Marientina Gotsis

Research Associate Professor

Chevon Hicks

Part-Time Lecturer

Andreas Kratky

Associate Professor of Cinematic Arts
Chair, Media Arts + Practice Division

Lucas Kuzma

Part-Time Lecturer

Peter Lu

Part-Time Lecturer

Margaret Moser

Instructor of Cinema Practice

Robert Nashak

Part-Time Lecturer

Andrew Nealen

Visiting Associate Professor

Carl Schnurr

Part-Time Lecturer

Chanel Summers

Part -Time Lecturer

Jeff Watson

Assistant Professor, Interactive Media and Games Division
Director, Situation Lab

Peggy Weil

Part-Time Lecturer

Dennis Wixon

Visiting Associate Professor
Microsoft Endowed Professorship

Maureen Yeager

Part-Time Lecturer