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Honors in Multimedia Scholarship

A century of mass media and the advent of digital communication have transformed the way ideas are expressed and understood across the university. As a result, the notion of literacy, which has traditionally referred to the reading and writing of printed materials, has fundamentally expanded to include new forms of expression.

The Honors in Multimedia Scholarship program is a dynamic honors program for undergraduates in all majors across the USC campus. Students encounter the creative and critical use of new media tools, learning how to express ideas through images, sound, video, text, networks, games and interactivity. They also learn new approaches to the production of knowledge through the critical application of digital media. In all cases, students become part of a unique community of scholars who are passionate about the power of visual expression.

Students earn Honors in Multimedia Scholarship by completing a minimum of 24 units of required course work culminating in a capstone thesis during their final year. They are expected to integrate both theory and interdisciplinarity into the practice of media scholarship; for this reason, courses include discussion of historical and theoretical material, instruction in basic research practices, as well as opportunities to develop skills in multimedia authorship, collaboration, leadership and creative thinking.

Information about courses and other program offerings can be obtained by emailing the Media Arts and Practice program at

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