Tangible HTML
Kevin McGowan

In this increasingly complex technical age, the ability to write code is becoming ever more significant. Traditional methods of programming involve sitting at a computer learning the individual functions of HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc., and piecing them together to generate a coherent web page. Tangible HTML is a new approach to web development education for beginners. Centered around form and content, the project proposes an educational methodology that looks beyond the computer to focus on programmatic basics in a real space.

Tangible HTML, likening itself with toy building blocks, is built in a tangible space. To encourage an imaginative approach, users are presented with content parsed from familiar childhood storybooks. By limiting the creative scope available to users, Tangible HTML asks users to focus both on the HTML and narrative they are constructing. As users assemble their webpage, they learn the basics of language and the structure that composes all HTML documents. By abstracting the educational experience, Tangible HTML hopes to inspire future generations to further explore the web development process.

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