Juri Hwang

"Nightfield" is a multi channel sound installation that turns 72 strips of Hanji papers suspended in the air into the sound sources of a wind field. As one brings the ears close to the strips, the elements of wind sounds can be heard through the vibration of the papers, making them an evocative sonic space.

Hanji is one of the many names of the Korean traditional papers that contain thick fibers commonly made from Mulberry trees. Due to the strength and thickness, Hanji has been used for centuries as door paper for the traditional houses. In a Korean house, a sheet of paper glued to the wooden door frames separates the outside world from the inside of the home. Outside sounds for example from rain and storm easily penetrate to the inside, bringing an involuntary awareness of the world outside the human order. As the weather gets rougher, a sense of protectedness and safety intensifies and nurtures an experience of “interiority”.

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