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Dead Pan (4:12)

Wendy tries to go on a date with a lovable orc Lurtz, but the date is interrupted by her drunken ex Peter Pan.
Gracie May
Production Sound Mixer
Bethany Sparks
Jonathan Keith
Cast: Aaron Izek as Magra, Jason Smith as Lurtz, Savannah Southern-Smith as Wendy, Cameron Gavinski as Peter

Lion Dance (5:59)

It's love at first sight for Jian and Ayumi, during the city's annual Lion Dance - but will they be able to find each other during the busy parade?
Writer/Director/Art Director
Zheng Kang
Tim Pattinson
Theme Composer
Masafumi Okubo
Score Composer
Yasuyoshi Suzuki
Lead Sound Designer
Makoto Ito
Sound Design Team
Hiroki Kato
Mitsunori Ohta
Sinichi Akiyama
Hiroe Hirai
Cast: Yoshimi Nukui as Ayumi (Female Lead), Nobuhiro Tamura as Jian (Male Lead)

Mosquito: The Bite of Passage (7:00)

A mosquito on her first hunting trip with her mother tries to confess that she doesn't like blood.
Brian Vincent Rhodes
Eric Cheng
Ivan Bordas
Xing-Mai Deng
Sound Designer
Randolph Zaini
Production Sound Mixer
Juel Taylor
Post Production Sound
Bridget Tang
Brian Paison
Lindsay Armstrong
Production Designer
Jean Paulo Lasmar
Gautier Galard
Cast: Alisa Reyes as Aliye (daughter), Eileen Galindo as Soma (mom), Philip Anthony Traylor as George

Nose Hair (10:00)

While playing a game with his friends young Nate realizes that he has an unusual condition.
Louis Morton
Music & Sound
Ulrich Troyer
David Guest
Storyboard Artists
Miguel Jiron
Javier Barboza
Yawen Zheng
Brian Smee
Jovanna Tosello
Josh Weisbrod
Cast: Jayden Mason Eastaugh, Ryan Lacey, Christopher Wells, Grand Gitner, Sean Bolger

Once a Hero (8:20)

A boy wants to be a superhero, He becomes friend with a girl who is bullied by all classmates, Until one day, He is forced to make a choice, betray the girl or not?
Xia Li
Min He
Jinzhi Du
Script Consultant
Jason Ronzani
Sound Design
Huazhang Dai
Jinyue Wan
Cast: Min Shi, Jinyue Wan, Sijia Huang

Once Upon A Line (7:06)

A man leads a monotone, humdrum existence until he suddenly falls in love. What follows is a short portrait of a difficult relationship marked by a struggle for control and identity. The ending gives hope for a new beginning and a change of perspective.
Alicja Jasina
Aaron Gilmartin
Sound Designer
Katie Gately

The Meltdown (12:21)

A sarcastic physicist at a Nuclear Testing Facility finds himself in a sticky situation after his ineptitude leaves the facility in grave danger.
Connor Kerrigan
Nelson Dial
Brian Vincent Rhodes
Kyle Laporte
Production Supervisor
Kelly Barnhardt
Production Sound
Juel Taylor
Assistant Director
Raymundo Archila
Cast: Connor Kerrigan as Otto, Nelson Dial as Geoff, Cecily Breaux as Jackie. Brian Rhodes as Jerome, Michael Sturgis as Todd, Tyler Miclean as Extras

Today (6:26)

Father and daughter team up to tell a story of adventure, asparagus, and secret agents to pass the time before they return home from the hospital.
Katherine Duffy
Sound Mixer
Chris Morocco
Jacques Brautbar
Cast: Caroline Spinola as June, Steven Miller as Dad/Agent Dangercannon, Paul Stanko as Dr. Smoothmoves, Reilly Hoeft as Bearly

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