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You are invited to the FIRST FILM Awards Ceremony at the Directors Guild of America. To RSVP, learn more about the films, and watch the trailers, please click on the individual boxes below.

First Film Awards Ceremony

Thursday, April 16


Directors Guild of America

Nominees for First Film Award:

Caroline's Unconventional Birthday Party Bash
Chicken Suit *Best Comedy
En Route
A Well Designed Plan
The Assassination of a Mathematician
The Magic Shoes
VIMANA *Best Drama
It's Better In Italian
Peace, Daal, & Partition *Best Documentary

Faculty Awards Winners:

  • Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting
    Tony Rettenmaier - "Drone"
  • Outstanding Achievement in Directing
    Kaushik Sampath - "GROOMING"
  • Outstanding Achievement in Producing
    Bernardo Duran Jr., Micaela Colman and Meenakshi Ramamurthy - "Nzara '76'"
  • Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography
    Zack Haskell - "GROOMING"
  • Outstanding Achievement in Editing
    Elizabeth Cirillo and Phillip Hughes - "Beyond the Sole"
  • Outstanding Achievement in Sound
    Ginge Cox and Veronica Hequn Li - "Bicycle and A Way of Life"
  • Outstanding Achievement in Production Design
    Colleen O'Halloran - "Only Light"

List of 2015 Films:

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