You are invited to the FIRST FILM Awards Ceremony at the Directors Guild of America. To RSVP, learn more about the films, and watch the trailers, please click on the individual boxes below.

Nominees for First Film Award:

Comedy Documentary
Chris's Briss Fabian Debora, A Life For Art *Best Drama
In Passing *Best Comedy Stand
Ostrichland The Pier
Drama Animation
Paper Lotus Higher Sky *Best Character Animation Medical Adventures Power!!
Present Trauma *Best Drama Recoil Passer Passer *Best Experimental Animation

Faculty Awards Winners:

  • Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting
    Victoria Rose - A Different Tree
  • Outstanding Achievement in Directing
    Jessica Kaye - Fabian Debora, A Life for Art
  • Outstanding Achievement in Producing
    Rebecca Katz and Allison Friedman - Unorthodox
  • Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography
    Jimmy Jung Lu - MIMIc
  • Outstanding Achievement in Editing
    Will Lowell and Amy Reedy - OstrichLand
  • Outstanding Achievement in Sound
    Veronica Li and Olga Poe - STAND

List of 2014 Films:

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