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Higher Sky (5:33)

Animation Design and Production

In a breathtakingly beautiful jungle, a monkey and a swallow have
a Kung fu encounter.

Medical Adventure Power!! (2:47)

Production 1

Josh Weisbrod
MFA 2015

The animated story of my initial diagnosis with Crohn's Disease.

Animation Block Party
Portland Film Festival
Los Angeles Film and Script Festival (Awarded Best Animation)
San Francisco IndieFest

Passer Passer (3:46)


An animated city symphony celebrates the hidden world of
background noise.

KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival
Chicago International Children's Film Festival
St. Louis International Film Festival
NYC Animation Block Party
Cartoon Brew Student Animation Festival
Vimeo Staff Picks
Annecy International Animation Festival

Two Ghosts (9:20)


Amy Lee Ketchum
MFA 2013

A creature embarks on an Orphic journey to find a disappeared