Faculty Award Winners:

Outstanding Directing
Winner: Clarinda Blais for Indulge Me
Runner-Up: Hsiao Shih Chun for A Better Place
Runner-Up: Yaxing Lin for PLAYGROUND

Outstanding Cinematography (Narrative)
Winner: Michael Haggerty and Meg Weck for Danny Boy
Winner: Boson Wang for THE VISIT

Cinematography (Documentary)
Winner: Matthew Beaver for A Hand To Hold
Winner: Ji Lee for GIRLY

Outstanding Editing
Winner: Abhinav Tiku for The Lights Above
Winner: Jasmine Jeanette Walker & Sierra Zareck for Sketch
Runner-Up: Alisina Saee-Nazari for Held At Gunpoint
Runner-Up: Arden Sarner for Scratch & Sniff
Honorable Mention: Jerry X Lee for Califoreclosed
Honorable Mention: Reese Dawkins & Peter Phan for Peter Phan for Clowning Time
Honorable Mention: Shi-Chun Hsiao for Launch Fever

Outstanding Producing
Winner: Dalton Zongshian Lu for Anywhere The Wind Blows
Runner-Up: David Lopez & Mary Lui for Donut Boy

Outstanding Screenwriting
Winner: Trace Pope for A Fugue
Runner-Up: Sabatino Ciatti Jr. for WRESTLE-OFF
Runner-Up: Asar Saint Lamont for GOLD DOGMA

Outstanding Sound
Winner: Michelle Pugh & Aasha Dev for Amos' Bride
Winner: Borna Monipour & Moxie Zhang for Held At Gunpoint
Runner-Up: Kiersten Myers & Glenn Irish for Bea & Kate's Bucket List
Outstanding Production Design
Winner: Zhidong Zhao for Playground
Runner-Up: Sheryl Haochen Liu for Failure to Launch
Runner-Up: Jilmil for Sketch

List of 2024 Films:

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