Aggie's Spirits (25:44)

Family, Women, Sitcom, European
When Kat and Becca learn that their late mother has bequeathed them her rundown and indebted dive bar, they must overcome their differences to save their mother's legacy from being repossessed.
Executive Producer
Brian DeAngelis, Josh Powell, Grant Samayoa
Maia Mulcahy, Brian DeAngelis, Amalia Mathewson, Vanessa Herron
Alyssa Katalyna Fritz, Christian Kamaal, Arnetta Ellis, Bea Yilin Jiang
Zoe Davidson, Patrick Duffy, Kyle Petersen, LeVonda Robinson, Samantha Xiao, Justin Zorn
Amber Jones
Production Designer
Nandhana Nixon, Saul Singleton, Luke Steinfeld
Grace Bonafede, Abel Contreras, Nya Federoff, Sydney Friauf, Martin Lee, Tristan Alexandre Obedos, Oscar O'Reilly, Claire Gi Yu Poon

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