Sweet Potatoes (29:53)

1951, Mexico City. After synthesizing the main component of the contraceptive pill, young scientist Luis Miramontes deals with the religious and personal consequences of his groundbreaking invention.
Rommel Villa
Andrea Porras Madero, Damon Laguna
Luke Sargent
Production Designer
Kristina Wong
Rommel Villa, Sebastian Silva
Eric Han, Chris Garcia, Ryan Vaughan
Cast: Jorge Adrian Espindola as Luis Miramontes, Daniel Pinte as Padre Alfonso, Azucena Acevedo as Lilia Vidal, Emilio Cuaik as Carl Djerassi, Frank Forte as Jorge Rosenkranz, Diego Israel Soto Ortiz as Lucho, Scarlett Yamilet Guzman as Lily, Maximiliano Ibarra as Pedro, Sofia Estela Duenes as Patricia, and Luz Carrasco Hurtado as Dona Demetria.

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