La Ruta (20:00)

A Guatemalan woman undertakes the journey to the U.S. border to seek asylum with her daughter, but first they must try and survive Mexico's infamous Route of Death.
Star Victoria, Roberto Saieh, Denisse Pfeiffer
Sam Skeen, Abigail Overstreet, Star Victoria
Becky Bau Chen
Production Designer
Jack Walterman
Mario Andrew Fierro
Kyle J. Miller, Trisha Golec
Alvaro Balvin Benavides
Cast: Laura Vallejo as Lucia, Lydia Martinez as Carmen, Miguel Izaguirre as Matias, Maxim Alexander as Nicolas, Nubit Areval as Desperate Woman, Joseph Lloyd Lopez as Father Fernandez, Eric Alonso as Truck Driver, Justin Noble as Border Patrol Sunglasses, Victor Mondragon as Raft Guide 1, Shawn Balentine as Raft Guide 2, Ivan Espinoza as Truck Partner, Marjorie Rodriguez as Woman In Truck, Shawn Balentine as Border Patrol 1, and Bruce Van Patten as Border Patrol 2.

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