C'est Parfait (19:35)

On the day and African family from Zaire is reunited in America, their world is torn apart when a family member is kidnaped and war from Rwanda, one of their neighboring countries crosses over into their country.
Raeshib Aggerwhil
David Carstens
Production Designer
Denver Kotian
Alex Cap
Cast: Morgan Dixon as Naya Jabari, Dennis Mailu as Abasi Jabari, Rio Oiye as Tomi Jabari, Christina Mwambayi as Furaha Jabari, Elester Latham as Bill, Krystel Roche as Sarah, Bill Walthal as Officer Barnes, Ee Talley Jr. as Hakim, Mariah Wilson as Keisha, Benjamine Schnao as Officer Rodriguez, and Yazzmyn Shelby as Girl on Skates.

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