Blackbird (18:00)

A young woman is torn between two worlds, her job cleaning planes and her dream of being a pilot. When she attempts to get time off to pursue aviation, she is met with resistance and must fight against the odds to get her wings.
Nicole L. Thompson, Nick Brooks, Jamie Walker
Kevin Reeves
Production Designer
Jasmine McClaurin
Geordan Baker, Seamus O' Finnegan
Assata Jackson
Kevin Lax
Cast: Alyssa Tibbs as Sherri Jones, Fredericka Meek as Julie King, Paulette Blair as Ms. Williams, Paul Nygro as Bill Hampton, Mia Brathwaite as Young Sherri, Ashley Carey as Agent Wilson, Franceli Chapman as Bessie Coleman, Peterjohn Minto as Shawn Hall, Ashley Hunt as Anna Hill, Michael Herbert as Tim Smith, and Baadja-Lyne as Mimi Watson.

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