The Bee (13:35)

Fed up with the violence and bullying in her city, Sydney dresses up like a bee to fight crime, but to reach her full potential she must first overcome a tragic event from her past.
Sam Rocco
Michael J. Karr
Khari Johnson, Matt Michienzie
Ashley Agren
Production Designer
Song Yi Park , Renato Miguel Ruiz
Jake Hansen, Tyler Ten Haken
Jalise Beamon, Clifford Ward
PHAR (Raphael Dargent)
Cast: Katie Mae Peters as Sydney/The Bee, Aaron D. Alexander as Ruffian Z, Jeremy Marinas as Ruffian X, Athena Perample as Ruffian Y, Michael Perl as The Bee, Roy Vongtama as Scott, William Warren as Thomas, Christine Sloan as Betty, Hallie Newcomer as Alice, Francesca Depaul as Little Bee, David Errigo Jr. as Paperboy, Billy Poston as Officer Jeans, Derek Loughran as Master Mime, Matt Michienzie as Sheep-Lion, and Khari Johnson as Jackson Boy.

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