Psycho Sally (17:55)

Inspired by an outrageous true story from director David Aguilar's Latinx family, Psycho Sally is a breakup comedy that follows Sally Garcia’s quest to get her man back by any means necessary... even if that means getting her ex's new lover deported!
Jamie Holt, Damon Laguna, Madi Maghdessian
Jonathan Pope
Production Designer
Rachael Garcia
Alexander Bologna, Lars Struck, Ryan Vaughan
Harrison Lee, Lance Michael Trevino
Cast: Bernadette Perez as Sally, Jason Griffith as Manny, Josh Cruze as Papi, Angela Fornero as Gabriella, Albania Sagarra as Eva, Jeff Marlow as Ken, Omar Andrade as Gonzalo, Fernanda Moya as Andrea, Brandon Ceja as Mikey, Isaac Ordonez as Diego, Leah Contreras as Isabella, Christina Ogunade as Dr. Roberts, Eileen Contreras as Lola, Ottoniel Mejia as Priest, and Geoffrey Gould as Homeless Man.

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