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Karl Gnass

Adjunct Associate Professor

Affiliated Divisions:

John C. Hench Division of Animation + Digital Arts

Karl Gnass is one of the most sought-after life & figure drawing instructors in the digital and traditional animation industries whose students include Oscar and Emmy Award-winning luminaries. He currently teaches year-long drawing, painting and composition classes at the Animation Guild’s American Animation Institute (AAI). He teaches life drawing at Disney TV for professional animators and has taught professional animators at Netflix Animation, at Disney Feature, at Dreamsworks Animation for both Feature and TV, at Sony Image Works, Warner Bros Features Animation, Nickelodeon, Rhythm & Hues, among many other studios. He is hired as a Dynamic Anatomy Consultant on MAYA for animated films, including Disney’s Tangled and Moana. Karl is a master figure artist and teacher who is hosted by top animation schools, studios and universities worldwide to present exclusive lectures and figure drawing workshops. Gnass has an ability to inspire and help artists improve their craft, regardless of talent, training, and age – from influencing animators who now direct movies and create the images that children watch on television, to enthusiasts who want to simply hone their skills.