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Kiki Benzon, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of the Practice of Cinematic Arts
Research areas: Interactive Media, Transmedia Entertainment, Digital Culture, Critical Theory, Games Studies, Media Arts and Practice

Affiliated Divisions:

Division of Cinema & Media Studies
Interactive Media & Games Division
Media Arts + Practice Division

Work Phone: 213.821.5870
Office: SCI 101G

Kiki Benzon is a literary scholar and multimedia artist. Her research and practice extend across the arts and sciences, focusing on the intersections of writing and technology, text and image, and creativity and the brain. Kiki’s art work fuses textile craft and iconography from the biological and computer sciences, and has been exhibited in Canada, USA, Britain, Romania, and Korea. She has published essays on new media and disability, cognition and narrative, and writing by various contemporary authors. Kiki has taught at institutions in Canada and Britain, including the Ontario College of Art University, University College London, the University of Herefordshire, and the University of Lethbridge. Her teaching addresses a range of humanities and interdisciplinary topics, including transmedia storytelling, electronic literature, the medical humanities, narrative games, science and fiction, and cultural theory. She holds a Ph.D. in English Language and Literature from University College London, and recently completed a second bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience at the Canadian Centre for Behavioral Neuroscience.