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Rene Bruckner

Part-Time Lecturer


René Thoreau Bruckner received his Ph.D. in Visual Studies from UC Irvine. He specializes in film history and theory, media archaeology, and visual culture, with a special attraction to the related concepts of time, technology, and invention. His wide-ranging areas of interest include pre-cinematic visual culture, photography, silent/early sound film and sound studies; experimental film and special effects; kung fu cinema; wildlife cinema, animal studies, and cryptozoology; and time travel. He is currently building a research project on the history of time machines.

In addition to USC, Dr. Bruckner has held teaching appointments at Loyola Marymount L.A., SUNY Binghamton, and Oklahome State University. His writing has appeared in the journals Discourse, Spectator, Autopsia, Estudios Visuales, and Octopus. He has guest-edited a special issue of Spectator on "The Instant" and co-edited an issue of Discourse on "The Accident in Cinema." His first book, entitled Disappearance: The Inventions of Cinema, is currently under review.