An Evening of USC SCA ShanghaiTech University Directing Masterclass

November 20, 2018, 6:30

SCA 112

On November 13th at 6:30 pm at SCA , Generation Shanghai will present an evening of festival-honored and award-winning short films from the USC SCA ShanghaiTech University Directing Masterclass. Emerging female directors Camille Ma of Killer Smile (staring Gong Zhe) and Jocelyn Ping of A Dangerous Journey will attend. Huang Lu (IMDB), the lead actress of A Dangerous Journey, renowned for several award-winning art-house films in China and pan-Asia will be present as well.  Also part of the slate will be the thriller, Sales Champion featuring the brilliant Luna Kwok (who was in Bi Gan's Kali Blues). All the films are gems not to be missed. 

 Sheldon Larry, the lead instructor of the Directing Masterclass and  also an award-winning director will present the films. Camille, Joycelyn, Lu and Lesley Yiping Qin who has done extraordinary work coordinating the program in Shanghai is also coming to participate with the others in  the Q and A.

A reception is to follow the event. 

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