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"Tote Your Float" featuring USC students at ArtNight Pasadena!

March 10, 2017, 6pm-10pm

Old Town Pasadena, The Armory Center for the Arts

About Tote Your Float

The SCA Community is invited to an alternative parade, Tote Your Float, on Friday March 10th, 6-10pm, for Pasadena's Spring ArtNight.
Art Collective NewTown has commissioned seven Los Angeles-based artists and collaborative groups, including Professor Lisa Mann and her students enrolled in the CTAN 592 installation master class, to create interactive, human propelled "parade floats" — original works of art!

The wearable "flotilla" of alternative floats, including USC's entry, the cinematic wormhole Proto-Floto, will meander through the streets, alleys, shops and sidewalks of Old Town Pasadena in a deconstructed parade. The floats will convene at the Armory Center for the Arts, 145 N. Raymond Ave. at 8:30pm for a float party and open house!

Click here for the MAP! 

Participating artists: Beck + Col, Mary-Linn Hughes, Heidi Kayser, Lisa Mann and USC School of Cinematic Arts, Jim Ovelmen, Elaine Parks and Helen Van der Neer, Greg Schenk.

To see behind-the-scenes construction of the floats in progress, visit NewTown's Tote Your Float Facebook event page.

Watch live streaming of the event on NewTown’s website:

Tote Your Float was made possible by a grant from the Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission and the City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs Division.


Take the Gold Line to Memorial Park station or drive to Old Town Pasadena and join the fun!


Friday, March 10  
  • 6:00 – 8:00pm – Parade through Old Town Pasadena
  • 8:30 – 10:00pm – Post Parade Float Viewing at the Armory Center for the Arts, 145 N. Raymond Ave.
Sat + Sun, March 11-12
  • Float Viewing at the Armory Center for the Arts, 145 North Raymond Ave.

About our USC Float: “Proto-Floto”

The Proto-Floto is a 10’ long x 7’ high, primordial protozoan blob that transports life beyond our universe. It is a flowing, cilia-covered, single-cellular organism that functions as a literal and metaphoric wormhole, burrowing a passageway and shortcut through the space-time continuum.

The Proto-Floto is a fickle and flambuoyant creature, with vibrant colors and imagery shifting on its outer skin, much like a chameleon. The microscopic organisms magnified and projected on its surface were collected from Lower Arroyo Park in Pasadena.

The Proto-Floto has been observed “swallowing” human passengers through its mouth-like tunnel entrance, only to release them after a kaleidoscopic, time and space-warping excursion. Those who have entered and experienced the Proto-Floto wormhole emerge in a state of euphoric bliss, caused by an escape from contemporary conflicts on Earth.

Through an astro-biological research experiment that went radically off-course, students at the USC School of Cinematic Arts and Roski School of Fine Arts are in the process of examining its properties. The students will be wearing and carrying the float through Old Town and will also be projecting original content onto the float using pocket projectors.

The USC TEAM  Animation Professor Lisa Mann + USC Artists:

  • Tonia Belgari, MFA Interactive Media
  • Andrea Cao, BA Interactive Entertainment
  • Ana Estarita Guerrero, MFA Animation and Digital Arts
  • Cecilia Hua, BA Cinema and Media Studies
  • Crystal Jow, MFA Animation and Digital Arts 
  • Zoey Lin, MFA Animation and Digital Arts
  • Evan Tedlock, MFA Animation and Digital Arts
  • Emma Wood, BA, Art
  • Yingzong Xin, MFA Animation and Digital Arts 
  • Emilia Yang, PhD, Media, Arts, and Practice

About CTAN 592 Cinematic and Media-based Installation class

USC Animation & Digital Arts Associate Professor and artist Lisa Mann created her Cinematic and Media-based Installation elective five years ago. She has sought out real-life exhibition experience for her students with the goal that they will be flourish as the next generation of media installation artists. She and her classes have participated in two prior NewTown exhibitions: “Peep” for Hugely Tiny and “H.I.P.P.O.” aka “The Arroyo Ape” for Re-Considering the Arroyo. The students in her class are upper classmen, graduate, and Ph.D students at SCA and Roski School of Fine Art, and come equipped with a wide range of skills, including interactive media, programming, animation, fine art, theater, and live action filmmaking, all of which are drawn on to create collaborative cinema-based artworks.

About NewTown

Tote Your Float continues NewTown’s legacy of street-centric projects in unexpected contexts, always free for the public. NewTown is a dedicated consortium of accomplished professional– musicians, artists dancers, film and video makers and visual artists–all of whom donate their time to ensure new creative opportunities for their colleagues throughout Southern California. For over 20 years, NewTown has brought art works and new art forms to an estimated 400,000 people--presenting innovative work in unique and challenging contexts, outside institutional confines, contributing to the pantheon of public discourse, private pleasure and plain old fun.

For more information about NewTown, click here.

About ArtNight Pasadena

ArtNight Pasadena is a biannual event when Pasadena’s cultural centers open their doors for free admission. Venues include: The Norton Simon Museum, ArtCenter College of Design, the Pasadena Museum of California Art, The Armory Center for the Arts, LightBringer Project and more.  There are free shuttles to take you to each venue, free live music, and several food trucks.

For more information about ArtNight Pasadena, click here.

“ROTO Pasadena” Animated projections by Lisa Mann + Yo-Yo Lin – at ArtNight!

Also at ArtNight, if you missed it last August, Professor Lisa Mann + Hench-DADA BA ’15 Yo-Yo Lin will bring back their NEA-funded ROTO Pasadena installation to Pasadena City Hall.  These animated projections document a group of marginalized foster-care teens interviewing City Hall employees about race, inclusion, and their future in the City of Pasadena. Rotoscope animation by Madeleine Rodriguez BA ’16 and Cheryl Chan BA ’18. 

For more details and to see documentation of the animation, visit




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Name: Lisa Mann