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TWIN PEAKS Series Retrospective: Episodes 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8

February 10, 2013, 2:30 P.M.

Eileen Norris Cinema Theatre/Frank Sinatra Hall, 3507 Trousdale Parkway, Los Angeles, CA 90007

The USC School of Cinematic Arts and Visions and Voices: The USC Arts & Humanities Initiative invite all USC Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumni to attend

Twin Peaks Series Retrospective:
Episodes 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8

2:30 P.M. on Sunday, February 10th, 2013
Followed by a Q&A with Mädchen Amick, Dana Ashbrook, Robert Engels, Jill Rogosheske Engels, Gary Hershberger, Johanna Ray, Charlotte Stewart, and Russ Tamblyn.
Eileen Norris Cinema Theatre/Frank Sinatra Hall
3507 Trousdale Parkway, Los Angeles, CA 90007
There will be a 30-minute intermission between Episodes 1.6 & 1.7, during which coffee and donuts will be served in Queens Courtyard.
The Q&A will directly follow the screening of Episode 1.8.

About the Episodes

Episode 1.4: Rest in Pain

The townsfolk of Twin Peaks gather for Laura Palmer's funeral; Cooper interprets his dream about the killer; Truman reveals to Cooper the secret of the Bookhouse Boys.

Directed by Tina Rathborne. Written by Harley Peyton.
Running time: 47 minutes.


Episode 1.5: The One-Armed Man

Cooper and Truman track down the one-armed man and some strange new evidence in Laura Palmer's murder; Norma Jennings attends a parole board hearing for her husband; Audrey Horne decides to begin her own investigation.

Directed by Tim Hunter. Written by Robert Engels.
Running time: 47 minutes.


Episode 1.6: Cooper's Dreams

Cooper and Truman have tea with the Log Lady and discover a macabre crime scene in the woods; Audrey Horne takes a job at her father's department store; Hank Jennings returns from prison to the Double R Diner; James Hurley and Donna Hayward take Madeleine Ferguson into their confidence.

Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter. Written by Mark Frost.
Running time: 47 minutes.


Episode 1.7: Realization Time

Cooper and Big Ed pay a special visit to One-Eyed Jacks, while Audrey Horne goes undercover as a hostess there; Josie Packard shares her suspicions with Truman about Catherine Martell's intentions; Dr. Jacoby receives a phone call from the dead Laura Palmer.

Directed by Caleb Deschanel. Written by Harley Peyton.
Running time: 46 minutes.


Episode 1.8: The Last Evening

Cooper and Truman's investigation builds to a terrifying conclusion; Dr. Jacoby heads for his rendezvous with "Laura Palmer"--and its bizarre consequences; Catherine Martell and Shelly Johnson are hopelessly trapped; Hank Jennings' evil influence spreads, engulfing Josie Packard.

Written and Directed by Mark Frost.
Running time: 47 minutes.


About the Guests

DCHEN AMICK (Actor, "Shelly Johnson")

Mädchen Amick was born in Reno, Nevada. Her name, means "maiden" or "young woman" in German and results from the desire of her parents, Bill and Judy, to give their daughter a name more unusual than their own. When she was sixteen, Mädchen, with her parents' blessing, dropped out of school and moved to Los Angeles, where she found work in modeling and music videos. Her acting career began quite modestly with roles on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Baywatch. Her first starring role was in the low-budget TV horror movie I'm Dangerous Tonight.

Shortly thereafter director David Lynch, who played a pivotal role in her development as an actress, chose her to play waitress Shelly Johnson on the cult TV classic Twin Peaks and viewers soon came to love Mädchen's sensually innocent character, who endured terrible abuse at the hands of her husband, Leo.

A highlight of Mädchen's career is the feature film Dream Lover, a thriller in which she co-starred with James Spader. It is one of the few films to showcase her awesome ability to portray a complex character. Roger Ebert called her performance “perfect” and that he expected to “see more great things from this talented actress”.

Mädchen has since worked on a myriad of projects on both the big and small screen. Her credits include Stephen King’s Sleepwalker’s; Trapped in Paradise opposite Nicolas Cage; and Scenes of the Crime with Jeff Bridges. Additionally she has appeared on series’ such as Californication, Damages, and Mad Men, to name a few. She was last seen on the big screen in the Screen Gem’s post-apocalyptic thriller Priest opposite Paul Bettany and Christopher Plummer.

Mädchen resides in California and is married with two children.

DANA ASHBROOK (Actor, "Bobby Briggs")

Dana Ashbrook’s breakthrough into pop-culture awareness was with his intense portrayal of Laura Palmer’s hot-tempered, longhaired boyfriend Bobby Briggs in the legendary TV series “Twin Peaks” and movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, which The Washington Post termed a “cogitation on the intersection of Heaven, Hell, and Washington State.”

The San Diego, California-born actor earned his SAG card on “Cagney & Lacey” and has appeared in numerous TV series, including “The Outer Limits,” “Crisis Center,” “Charmed,” and “Deadwood.” He had a recurring starring role in “Dawson’s Creek” as the greedy stockbroker Rich Rinaldi, and was a series regular on “The Kill Point” as womanizer Tony. Most recently, Ashbrook appeared on Starz in season two of the “Crash” TV series, portraying a charismatic gambler who played fast and loose with the law.

On the big screen, Ashbrook has starred in She’s Out of Control, Ghost Dad, Comfortably Numb, Interstate 5, and Angels Don’t Sleep Here. And most recently, The Aggression Scale.

With a particular knack for playing dangerous characters who are often love interests, Ashbrook says he finds it more interesting to play “the messed-up guys with a colorful past.” Ashbrook currently resides in New York City.

ROBERT ENGELS (Co-Producer, Executive Story Editor, Writer: Episodes 1.5, 2.3, 2.4, 2.6, 2.9, 2.12, 2.15, 2.18, 2.20, 2.22, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me)

Bob Engels is a writer/producer/director who recently completed work on Disney’s TV series Gravity Falls. His next project is the movie Killwinning Hotel that he wrote and will direct. He?s writing the Forbidden Jungle for Triangle Entertainment and the pilot The Wicked West for Warner?s. He?s also creating and directing the Last Minute circus in Sweden.

Engels was the Executive Producer of Andromeda, still one of the top rated syndicated TV shows in the world. His TV credits include Twin Peaks, Wiseguy, and the classic situation comedy, On the Air, three of the "100 Best Series Ever" according to TV Guide. A Golden Globe winner, Engels has executive produced and written series with Steven Spielberg, Richard Donner, and David Lynch. He collaborated on many film scripts with Lynch including Fire Walk With Me.

Engels has developed movie scripts for Disney, Warners, Universal, Paramount, Fox and LiveHeart among many others. He also wrote and produced Murder in Small Town X for Fox TV, an experimental mix of script and reality programming. Engels’ other executive producer/writer TV credits include Matthew Blackheart (which he created), GvsE, SeaQuest, and Sirens. He also created the first completely interactive Network quality series for Warner Bros. TV called Techno 3.

Engels has directed plays on Broadway, off Broadway, and in Los Angeles. He’s also directed at the Louisville Actors Theatre, the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, where he founded their Second Stage, and in Scotland where his production of The Paranormal Review won the Fringe Award for which he also composed the music. Engels was the associate artistic director of the Cricket Theatre in Minneapolis and a member of the Directors Unit at the New Dramatists in New York. He is also the recipient of the Busch Fellowship in Theatre.

Engels teaches at Cal State Fullerton in the Radio, Television and Film Department as well.

JILL ROGOSHESKE ENGELS (Actor, "Trudy Chelgren")

Bio coming soon.

GARY HERSHBERGER (Actor, "Mike Nelson")

A veteran professional actor, writer and director in the Hollywood community for over twenty years, Hershberger is active in many facets of the entertainment community. Having established himself as a working actor, with dozens of film, independent features, miniseries and television credits to his resume, such as Six Feet Under, Big Love, Grey’s Anatomy, The West Wing, Sneakers, the Tom Hanks-produced film Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon, and the recentThe Christmas Pageant andBlackout for Hallmark, Gary knows his way around a productive, effective set. He has worked with Academy Award winners Phil Alden Robinson (Field of Dreams), Alan Ball (American Beauty), David Lynch (Twin Peaks), and has worked with such greats as Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, Naomi Watts, David Caruso, and many, many others.

Hershberger is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, a produced screenwriter, and an award-winning writer, having won third place in the 2006 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards for Best Television Comedy, a PAGE semi-finalist in 2007, PAGE Top Ten Finalist for Best Television Drama (2008), PAGE Top Ten Finalist for Best Television Comedy (2009), and recently a Top Ten Feature Finalist in the Final Draft Big Break Screenplay Contest (2012). 

Gary is now in active development for his directorial debut, for his inspirational sports drama, Late in the Season, co-producing with Dean River Productions, and featuring Kevin Sorbo (Soul Surfer, Hercules).  Gary is married to his beautiful wife Heather, and has four incredible children who he loves with all of his heart.

JOHANNA RAY (Casting Director)

Johanna Ray was born and raised in England, the daughter of a British Army General. After a brief stint as an actress in London she came to Hollywood having met and married an American actor. After working in Development she segued  into becoming a Casting Director initially working on low-budget independent movies. Her first major break was working with David Lynch on the film "BLUE VELVET" and she has continued to work with him ever since, on "WILD AT HEART", "LOST HIGHWAY", "TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME", "INLAND EMPIRE" and "MULHOLLAND DRIVE". Amongst her other credits are "INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS" and "KILL BILL" Volumes 1 and 2 with Quentin Tarantino; "THE BLACK DAHLIA" with Brian De Palma; the remake of "FUNNY GAMES" with MichaelHanake; "STARSHIP TROOPERS" with Paul Verhoeven. In TV, aside from "TWIN PEAKS", she did the Pilot of "BEVERLY HILLS 90210" and much earlier on had worked for Steven Spielberg on his anthology series "AMAZING STORIES".

She much prefers working on Independent movies where she has more involvement in the creative process and finds the scripts to be much better and more unique. She was part of the Nominating Committee for the 2007 Spirit Awards and this year was honored with two nominations by the CSA Artios Committee for Best Casting on "INGLORIOUS BASTERDS" and Werner Herzog's "MY SON, MY SON, WHAT HAVE YE DONE?"

Her latest feature, "SNOWPIERCER", stars Chris Evans, Ed Harris, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer and Alison Pill.

CHARLOTTE STEWART (Actor, "Betty Briggs")

One of three children, Charlotte Stewart was born in Yuba City, California, USA on 27 February 1941. In the 1950s, she studied acting at the Pasadena Playhouse. She is famous for portraying the role of beloved schoolteacher "Miss Beadle" in the popular television series Little House on the Prairie. She was with the show from 1974 - 1978. Charlotte has also worked with controversial filmmaker David Lynch on two occasions, in the cult classic Eraserhead and the TV series Twin Peaks. She starred with Neil Young in his film HUMAN HIGHWAY, did the TREMORS trilogy, and even worked with Elvis Presley. She was once married to actor Tim Considine. They divorced, and she married David Banks (whom she had met years before, when she studied the craft of acting) in 1992.

RUSS TAMBLYN (Actor, "Dr. Lawrence Jacoby")

Russ Tamblyn’s career as an actor, dancer, choreographer, director and artist has spanned six decades.  Born December 30th, 1934 into a show business family, Russ has performed in every kind of venue, from small playhouses to Madison Square Garden. His roots began in the heyday of Hollywood; he was discovered by Lloyd Bridges who gave10 year old Russ his first part in a play, STONE JUNGLE. This launched Russ into an extensive career in motion pictures, television and theater.

Russ’ first motion picture credit came in 1948, when he played a supporting role in THE BOY WITH GREEN HAIR. Cecil B. DeMille saw a special quality in Russ and cast him as young King Saul in the epic, SAMSON AND DELILAH. Many films followed, including FATHER OF THE BRIDE AND FATHER’S LITTLE DIVIDEND in which he portrayed Elizabeth Taylor’s brother.  The title role in THE KID FROM CLEVELAND was next, but it was his dynamic performance in Warner Brothers’ RETREAT HELL that won him a long-term contract with MGM studios.  While there, Russ starred in the in the classic musical, SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS, bringing him worldwide fame for his dancing and acting.  He also starred opposite Debbie Reynolds in HIT THE DECK, for which he won a Golden Globe for “Most Promising Newcomer”.  His musicality, championship tumbling and cat-like agility, blending with his strong dramatic skills, made Russ “MGM’s Most Popular Young Star!” Russ’ career skyrocketed with an Academy Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the critically acclaimed film, PEYTON PLACE. From there, Russ was offered starring roles in some of the hottest films in Hollywood including TOM THUMB, DON’T GO NEAR THE WATER, HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL, THE LONG SHIPS and THE HAUNTING. Most notably, Russ starred in WEST SIDE STORY as “Riff”, the leader of the Jets.

In 1964, seeking a deeper means of self-expression, Russ’ creative focus shifted from the performing arts to the fine arts.  His unique work in collage and assemblage brought him recognition in numerous gallery exhibitions and museums, including the Los Angles Institute of Contemporary Art and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Russ’ work was featured in the recent landmark art exhibition, PACIFIC STANDARD TIME. His art and poetry can be found in numerous international art publications.

Russ continued his first love of the performing arts when he starred in such theater works as CABARET, FOLLIES, THE MUSIC MAN, THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS, GEORGE M. and BYE BYE BIRDIE, opposite Chita Rivera.

In the early Eighties, Russ co-starred, co-wrote and choreographed the rock-noir movie, HUMAN HIGHWAY. This was a collaborative effort with long-time friends, Neil Young, Dean Stockwell and Dennis Hopper.

Russ started his television credits with dancing on the Ed Sullivan show and he continued with guest-starring roles in various shows, including GUNSMOKE, NERO WOLFE, BABYLON 5, QUANTUM LEAP, and NASH BRIDGES. But he is most remembered for his performance as Dr. Jacoby in the landmark Television series, TWIN PEAKS. In 2003-2004, Russ joined Neil Young’s Greendale tour as Director and Choreographer as well as playing the role of Captain John Green.

Most Recently, Russ played comedian David Cross’s father on the British comedy TV series, THE INCREASINGLY POOR DECISIONS OF TODD MARGARET, which was released in the U.S. on IFC in the spring of 2012. Russ continues to show up with Cameo roles in the 2012 films DRIVE and Quentin Tarantino’s DJANGO UNCHAINED.

Currently Russ is finishing up his much anticipated autobiography, “Dancing on the Edge”



About the Moderator

ALESSANDRO AGO is the Director of Programming and Special Projects at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where he programs film screenings, festivals, guest speakers and special events. In addition to programming the popular undergraduate courses Theatrical Film Symposium, taught by Leonard Maltin, and Television Symposium, taught by Howard Rosenberg, Ago also curates Outside the Box [Office], a screening series dedicated to bringing new international, documentary and independent cinema to USC. During a typical semester, Outside the Box [Office] offers over 50 new pre-release movies to students, faculty and alumni, often followed by conversations with the filmmakers, which Ago moderates. He oversees all Deans Council Visions and Voices programming for the School of Cinematic Arts and has produced festivals celebrating the work of John Wayne, Roger Corman, Costa Gavras, Maurice Jarre, Albert Broccoli and the James Bond franchise, as well as world cinema showcases focusing on Japan, Italy, Bollywood and the Middle East and an ongoing series of Live in HD satellite broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

Ago is currently teaching a course called Italian Genre Cinema and Society for the Italian Department at USC, and has taught two undergraduate courses for the SCA Summer Program: Transnational Nightmares and Filmmaking, Italian Style. He co-produced the 2006 & 2007 editions of Los Angeles - Italia: The Film, Fashion and Art Fest at Mann's Chinese 6-plex, as well as the 2006 Capri - Hollywood Film Festival in Capri, Italy. He also works for the Sundance Institute as a screener in the International Documentary Feature department, helping to select films for competition for the Sundance Film Festival.

Both an Italian and American citizen, he grew up in Washington D.C. and Rome, Italy. He holds a bachelor's and master's degree from the USC School of Cinematic Arts' Critical Studies division.

About the USC Twin Peaks Retrospective

Over the course of the Spring 2013 semester, the USC School of Cinematic Arts will host a complete series retrospective of ABC's landmark 1990 prime-time drama, Twin Peaks, created by David Lynch & Mark Frost. Each week, episodes of the series will be followed by in-depth Q&As with key cast & crew from the production. Coffee and pie and/or donuts will be served at intermission.

The complete series will be screened across seven Sunday afternoons from January through April 2013, with the following order (start times & running times will vary):

Sunday, January 27th at 4:00PM: Pilot, Episodes 1.2, 1.3
Sunday, February 10th at 2:30PM: Episodes 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8
Sunday, February 17th at 2:30PM: Episodes 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5
Sunday, March 3rd at 4:00PM: Episodes 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9
Sunday, March 10th at 3:00PM: Episodes 2.10, 2.11, 2.12, 2.13, 2.14
Sunday, March 24th at 3:00PM: Episodes 2.15, 2.16, 2.17, 2.18, 2.19
Sunday, April 14th: Episodes 2.20, 2.21, 2.22

A 35mm screening of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me will take place in May 2013.

Check-In & Reservations

This screening is free of charge and open to the public. Please bring a valid USC ID or print out of your reservation confirmation, which will automatically be sent to your e-mail account upon successfully making an RSVP through this website. Doors will open at 2:00 P.M.

All SCA screenings are OVERBOOKED to ensure seating capacity in the theater, therefore seating is not guaranteed based on RSVPs. The RSVP list will be checked in on a first-come, first-served basis until the theater is full. Once the theater has reached capacity, we will no longer be able to admit guests, regardless of RSVP status.


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Produced by Alessandro Ago for the USC School of Cinematic Arts

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