July 18, 2012, 7:00 P.M.

The Albert and Dana Broccoli Theatre, SCA 112, George Lucas Building, USC School of Cinematic Arts, 900 W. 34th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007


The SCA Alumni Screening Series and Gotham Metro Studios invite you and a guest to a special screening of

Living Luminaries: On the Serious Business of Happiness

Directed by Larry Kurnarsky
Written by Sean A. Mulvihill and Larry Kurnarsky
Produced by Michael J. Lasky
Followed by a Q&A with
SCA Alumnus Sean A. Mulvihill
7:00 P.M. on Wednesday, July 18th, 2012
The Albert and Dana Broccoli Theatre
George Lucas Building, SCA 112
900 W. 34th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007

About Living Luminaries: On the Serious Business of Happiness

A film on life’s purpose and on attaining happiness. Living Luminaries is a spiritual film with reality and authenticity that brings you along on a journey in search of absolute contentment and inner peace.

Aspiring actor Sean Mulvihill seeks insight from some of the most inspirational individuals of our day. Our young seeker’s quest for happiness takes him on a journey of discovery where he receives insights and instruction from “Luminaries”, including: Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Don Miguel Ruiz, Dr. Rev. Michael Beckwith, Geronimo Ji Jaga (Pratt), Matthew Kelly, Dr. Obadiah S. Harris Ph.D, Gary Renard, Dr. Harry Morgan Moses, Rev. Robert Schuller, Dr. Rev. Mary Manin Morrissey, Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein, Nachum Shifren (The Surfing Rabbi), Venerable Lama Chodak Gyatso Nubpa, Rev. William Epps, The Benedictine Monks of St. Andrews Abbey, Brandi Kelly, Marc Emery and Dr. Robert Frager.

Provided courtesy of Gotham Metro Studios. Unrated. Running time: 91 minutes.

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Review of Living Luminaries by Stephen Simon

Gotham Metro Studios’ wonderful, fascinating, and illuminating new documentary, Living Luminaries: On The Serious Business of Happiness, details a young man’s journey as he seeks to discover true happiness from extraordinary luminaries. We are treated to Marianne Williamson’s brilliant and compassionate insights, don Miguel Ruiz’s mystical vision, and Eckhart Tolle’s wisdom of the power of now. Others in the film are less known to us but leave an indelible impression on our psyche and in our hearts.

One of the most charismatic of the luminaries that we meet is the extraordinary Dr. Michael Beckwith, who is the force behind the Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. Dr. Beckwith leapt out of The Secret into the national consciousness and many of us remember his extraordinary recent appearances with Oprah. In Living Luminaries, Dr. Beckwith shares his unique blend of insights, humanity, humor, and vision.

The great gift of Living Luminaries is that we feel so empowered at the end of the film because it shows us that we can truly find, embrace, and retain whatever definition we have for happiness. The film actually illuminates a pathway down which we can travel to discover the essence of our own personal joy. When a film accomplishes that, it transcends the art form itself.

If you enjoyed The Secret, I think that you will find that Living Luminaries is the next step in the discovery of who we can be when we open to the magic of the beauty of our humanity.

About the Guest

Sean A. Mulvihill is an actor, musician, director, writer, producer, visionary leader for a peaceful world — and generally a pretty happy guy.

His story begins at the age of 7, when he asked his dad why there were poor people in the world.  His father replied that there wasn’t enough money to go around for everyone. Sean replied, “Well the government prints the money, why don’t they print more and give it to the poor people.”  His dad said, “It’s not that simple, that would cause inflation…” And the conversation continued, but the little boy’s dream of a world of equality and togetherness began to grow stronger. Abundance and joy seemed to Sean to be everyone’s birthright. He couldn’t even fathom any need for lack or discouragement. And to this day, he cannot.

Sean has communed with the divine in direct conversation since those years, listening to silence which sounds like “a thousand lightning bugs”, as Ramana Maharshi once described it. Sean hears the voice of his Creator, loud and clear, and the voice only says one thing: “love-peace-joy” and says this in thousands of eloquent and beautiful ways, many of them silent.

In his grammar school years, Sean’s natural quietness and slowness to speak, was drowned out by the type-A world of education — the fastest, wittiest, and oftentimes loudest answer was rewarded most of the time, and in order to compete, he started becoming a bit of a loudmouth. He just wanted to be heard — and in 3rd grade he discovered theatre, in which an audience of people who usually wouldn’t listen to him would have to sit quietly and hear whatever he had to say. And the applause was certainly enjoyable. He had found his first love.

At the age of 10, a classmate, Mike Martens, introduced Sean to the exciting world of video production — and his second love was born. This prompted Sean to become the youngest television producer at the local community TV station, and cemented his pseudo-celebrity role in Bolingbrook, IL lore as the producer of a live, late-night teen variety show.  A move to Hollywood was inevitable, and at age 18, he hit the road for L.A.

He attended the University of Southern California’s School of Theatre in Los Angeles and received a BFA in Acting, but more importantly, he learned how to act, which is synonymous with learning compassion for the inner workings of all people. Lora Zane, a gifted instructor, turned him on to the teaching of Eckhart Tolle, and the new vocabulary with which Sean could use to describe his own awakening was quickly turning into a “life’s work” type of video project.

In 2004, at the age of 23, Sean’s idea for a film about enlightenment—did it truly exist?—blossomed into the HD docu/drama feature film,  Living Luminaries: On the Serious Business of Happiness (also titled The Awakening of Sean Mulvihill), produced by Wanna Be Now, LLC.  On the production, Mr. Mulvihill served as creator, co-writer, co-producer, and as the on-screen host who navigates the viewer on a journey toward happinesss. The film stars Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now), Marianne Williamson, don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements), and Michael Bernard Beckwith, among other luminaries. The film is currently in domestic DVD release from Beyond Words, a division of Simon and Schuster, with foreign sales by Fortune Features.

After the film’s completion, he spent several years traveling, acting in theatre, and falling in love with the beauty one notices when the mind is still.  This voyage of exploration led him as far away as Macau, China, but brought him once again to Los Angeles, where he likes the (1) climate, (2) the high level of film/video production, and (3) the amount of “spiritual” people.  For him, it’s a good place.  And he has deeply discovered upon his return that his truest love is (4) inner peace.

Hollywood Happiness was born in a dream on a May morning in 2010, and the vision of “cooperative, inspiring film production” has been in place ever since.

Currently, Sean is directing the feature comedy, A Rockstar Christmas Carol, scheduled for theatrical / VOD release Thanksgiving 2012.

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