Sneak Preview of HUNTER PREY

February 18, 2010, 7:00 P.M.

The Ray Stark Family Theatre, SCA 108, George Lucas Building, 900 W. 34th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Cinematheque 108, The Southern California Business Film Festival,
NBV Productions and Montauk Films

Invite you and a guest to a special preview screening of


Written by Sandy Collora and Nick Damon
Directed by Sandy Collora

Followed by a Q&A with the director
and members of the crew

7:00 P.M. on Thursday, February 18th

The Ray Stark Family Theatre,
George Lucas Building, SCA 108
900 W. 34th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007



Hunter Prey centers around a group of elite intergalactic commandos that have crash-landed on a harsh and unknown planet while transporting an alien prisoner. Now they must track down and recapture the escaped creature, and their orders are to bring it in ALIVE.

The soldiers begin to question their orders while finding themselves at a severe disadvantage, not being able to harm the prisoner. The team starts getting picked off, one by one, by their dangerous adversary, until the odds become even.

With one soldier remaining, he's faced with a decision. Does he risk his life playing the creature's game or does he disobey his orders and kill it. The realization he comes to, after finding out why his superiors want the prisoner alive and why the alien is trying to escape, starts to change the way he thinks not only about his situation, but himself, as he finds out who's really hunting whom?

Provided courtesy of NBV Productions and Montauk Films.
Not Rated. Running time: 90 minutes.
To learn more about the film and view the trailer, click here.



Sandy Collora - Director
Sandy Collora started at Stan Winston Studios in 1987 on Leviathan, and honed his skills as a creature designer and sculptor, eventually going on to work with industry giants Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Rick Baker and Rob Bottin. After over a decade of visual FX and design work on major motion pictures, he began his foray into directing with several award winning short films, including Archangel, Batman Deadend and World's Finest. He also signed with Level 7 productions as a commercial director, and has done work for Volkswagen, got milk?, and Pocari Sweat. Currently, Sandy is developing several genre projects for TV, film, and video games.

Simon Tams - Producer
Simon Tams began his career in theater before coming to California in 1986 with his future wife and fellow producer Daren Hicks. Simon worked as a Construction Manager for TV pilots and major commercials, several which premiered during Super Bowl Halftime. He has had the opportunity to be involved in the building of concept models for Jurassic Park, Tomb Raider, A.I., and on camera models and props for Batman & Robin, Lost World and a host of others. Simon has produced several low budget films and shorts including Batman Deadend, which created a huge international response with a worldwide recognition as one of the best genre short films. He continued his collaboration with Sandy Collora on Hunter Prey, which wrapped shooting in Mexico last year.

Daren Hicks - Producer
Daren started her Hollywood work on Spaceballs with Mel Brooks, and through her time working on dramas for Norman Jewison, technical wizardry by David Fincher, and on to Michael Bay's insane robot films, Daren has honed her filmmaking skills on every size budget and genre that film has to offer, except one. Daren found herself stepping into the world of superheroes and science fiction with Producing partner Simon Tams, when they worked with Sandy Collora on several short films, which became international cult hits. Batman Deadend has garnered worldwide respect as one of the finest short films in the superhero genre and has been hailed as one of the most downloaded shorts in Internet history. Two years ago she reunited with Sandy Collora for Hunter Prey one of the more difficult indie films she has been involved with. She is now working on her third Transformers film.

Ed Gutentag - DP
Ed Gutentag started work for New York advertising still photographer George Cochran on his television commercials. Ed started to freelance in 1986 upon acceptance into the prestigious Cinematographers Guild Local 600. He immediately left the country for an 8-month movie in 13 countries around the world as the first assistant cameraman. The movie was called Powaaquatsi. Ed has worked on over 75 major and independent movies with some of the most talented cast and crews in the movie industry: Norman Jewison, Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Robert Zemeckis, Peter Bogdonovich, Michael Mann, Barry Levinson, Rob Cohen and John McTeirnan to name a few. This year Ed shot 2 of the most rewarding job of his life; PSA for Prince Charles with HH The Dalai Lama, Robin Williams, Harrison Ford and Joss Stone, and a Documentary for Lance Armstrong.


Michael Cioni has more than a decade of progressive post production filmmaking experience. He has spent the last 6 years at PlasterCITY Digital Post, which he co-founded in 2003 and built into one of Hollywood's preeminent desktop-based post-production facilities. While at PCDP, Michael served as a Digital Intermediate Supervisor on over 100 feature films. He is a founding member and instructor at REDucation, the official RED camera education and training program, and has served as an adjunct faculty member for USC's Annenberg School of Journalism.


The third annual Southern California Business Film Festival is a week long business-themed short film competition running February 16-21, 2010. Sponsored by the USC Marshall School of Business and the Center for Investment Studies, the festival combines business and film to create a series of cast and crew-hosted screenings and panels, culminating in an exciting student film competition.

To learn more about this year's SCBFF, please visit:


This screening is free of charge and open to all USC students, faculty, staff and alumni. Please bring a photo ID or print out of your reservation confirmation, which will automatically be sent to your e-mail account upon successfully making an RSVP through this website. Doors will open at 6:30 P.M.


The USC School of Cinematic Arts is located at 900 W. 34th St., Los Angeles, CA 90007. Parking passes may be purchased for $8.00 at USC Entrance Gate #5, located at the intersection of W. Jefferson Blvd. & McClintock Avenue. We recommend parking in outdoor Lot M or V, or Parking Structure D, at the far end of 34th Street. Please note that Parking Structure D cannot accommodate tall vehicles such as SUVs. Meterd street parking is also available along Jefferson Blvd.

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