School of Cinematic Arts Staff Directory

Staff Directory

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Nick Rossier

Manager, Production Equipment Center

Jenny San Angel

Systems Administrator II

Sonia Seetharaman

Student Services Advisor II

Camillia Shofani

Administrative Assistant II

Neil Short

Computer Services Consultant II

Daphne McCurdy Sigismondi

Assistant Director, Animation & Digital Arts

George Sisneros, III

Building Systems Technician

Amy Stanfill

Cinematic Arts Cataloger

Ty Strickler

Assistant Director of SCA Summer Program

Hector Trujillo

Specialized Equipment Assistant

Tara Turner

Senior Computer Consultant Supervisor

Gregory P. Vannoy

Manager of Creative Technology

Rudi Helena Vanzin

Administrative Budget Assistant

Jesse Ryan Vigil

Research Associate - Game Runner

Brooke Vile

Dean's Office Receptionist

Joe Wallenstein

Director of Physical Production
Part-Time Lecturer

Claudia Walters

Student Services Advisor

Meri Weingarten

Director, Digital Media & Technology

David Weitzner

Director, Summer Program
Part-Time Lecturer

William Whittington

Assistant Chair
Division of Cinema & Media Studies

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