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Marsha Kinder, Ph.D.

University Professor Emerita
Professor Emerita of Critical Studies

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Work Phone: 213.740.3334

Learning about Spanish cinema, narrative theory, children’s media culture, and digital culture, USC students benefit from the expertise of Marsha Kinder, a prolific film scholar whose works on Spanish cinema (Blood Cinema and Refiguring Spain) and children's media (Playing with Power and Kids' Media Culture ) have been particularly influential.

She is the author of more than 100 published essays and 10 books. For more than a decade, Marsha Kinder has been a leading force in determining the direction new modes of expression are taking narrative possibilities.

Dr. Kinder is also founding director of The Labyrinth Project, where she has overseen the development of DVD-ROMs, interactive installations and Websites that have taken materials traditionally expressed in films and books and transformed them into award-winning database documentaries.

  • Essays in Film Quarterly: "Hot Spots, Avatars and Narrative Fields Forever: Buñuel's Legacy for Digital Culture" and "Almodóvar's Braindead Trilogy"
  • An essay in Aniko Imre's new anthology, "El perro negro: Transnational Readings Of Database Documentaries from Spain"
  • Essays in anthologies on Buñuel and on Almodóvar from Blackwell. "The Road and the Room: Narrative Drive in the Films of Luis Buñuel" and "Re-envoicements and Reverberations in Almodóvar's Macro-Melodrama"