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Gary Lee

Adjunct Associate Professor

Affiliated Divisions:

John C. Hench Division of Animation + Digital Arts

Gary H Lee was born in Taipei, Taiwan, then moved to the United States at the age of 13. From a very young age, Gary was drawn to art and comic books, and as he got older, he became fascinated by motion pictures and visual effects in films like Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and The Matrix. In high school, he started doing 3D animation on his computer and produced a short film for his high school’s video yearbook. 

At 19, Gary enrolled as an Illustration major student at the Art Center College of Design. At the end of his freshman college year, he submitted for a job at Lucasfilm using his high school short film. One week later, putting college on hiatus, he started on Geroge Lucas’s Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones at the Skywalker Ranch as an Animatic/ Pre-visualization artist.

Since then, Gary has participated in film productions in major studios such as Lucasfilm, Dreamworks Animation, Fox Studio, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures Animation, and Netflix.  On projects such as Star Wars, Kung Fu Panda, Life of Pi, Aquaman, Vivo, and the up-and-coming Netflix animation feature, The Magician’s Elephant.  

Gary also directed two live-action, animation hybrid short films. Hector Corp., and Aden. The two projects have accumulated over 14 awards in the international film festivals. 

Gary is now a father of two, blessed with new perspectives seeing the world through his children’s eyes that further fuels his passion for art and storytelling.